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Yuriko Akiyama, Embassy of Japan, visits ICMS

Last week, ICMS were fortunate to welcome Yuriko Akiyama, the First Secretary of Information and Culture, from the Embassy of Japan.

Akiyama met with Dr Ram to discuss ongoing relations and bi-lateral cooperation with the ICMS. Japan is a major donor to Nepal and is at the forefront of assistance. In 2017, 19 ICMS students were fortunate to partner with Tokyo University and travel to Japan to study Japanese disaster resiliency - attending seminars, workshops and field exercises in several prefectures. This was an incredibly valuable trip and we are fortunate to have received such an opportunity.

We are thrilled to have been gifted a copy of Yuriko’s book, “Feeding the Nation; Nutrition and Health in Britain before World War One”, to add to our library collection at ICMS!

Based on a PHD thesis, the book explores the relationship between cookery, medicine and health throughout Britain in the late nineteenth/early twentieth century. It employsseveral personal and institutional archives to compile a narrative history and discusses the progressions in public cookery and nutrition awareness, from lectures delivered by the Ladies Sanitary Association in the late 1850’s to a 1906 travelling cookery van introduced in Gloucester. It provides a comprehensive and insightful history of the evolution of cookery in Britain particularly in the fields of schools, the armed forces and nursing.

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