Call for Papers - Journal of Crisis Management Studies

The Institute of Crisis Management Studies (ICMS) is currently accepting academic submissions for its new Journal of Crisis Management Studies (JCMS). If interested, please read the following information.

The JCMS is a venue for students, faculty members, experts, and other individuals to publish their articles and research papers, and to circulate the results of ongoing research in crisis management studies. The journal seeks to encourage discussions and stimulate critical comments within the field as well as to enhance networking and potential cooperation among researchers. Please consider submitting outstanding term papers, recent qualifying papers, independent research projects, or any other related pieces.

Submitted papers should be confined to topics within the field of the management of crises resulting from both human activity and natural causes. Papers should employ scientific methods of analysis and/or be of relevance to critical crisis management questions. Empirical, theoretical, and policy-oriented contributions are welcome. We are particularly open to creative studies and unique perspectives within the field. Submitted papers are subject to a screening process to ensure that they fall into the above specified topic as well as to ensure the general quality of the paper. Those who submit their papers will be contacted after submission regarding the status of the review process.

The journal will consist of commentary (transcripted interviews, short articles, and literature reviews) and academic journal pieces. Commentary should be 1000 - 2500 words and academic journal pieces should be 3000 - 9000 words. Citations should be completed thoroughly and submitted in a Microsoft Word Document. Creative Commons photos are allowed and encouraged.

If you are interested in publishing your paper in the Journal of Crisis Management Studies, please send a copy of your work to: The deadline for this round of reviewing is March 15, 2018.